6 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Salesforce Automation

Real-time Monitoring

You also have the opportunity to see how well current marketing and sales are doing in real time. The marketing team can open the tool and see exactly how well a particular campaign is going compared to the goal. They can monitor different areas to see exactly what is boosting spikes in sales, which means they are more likely to be able to duplicate the success of a campaign.

Even developers benefit from the real-time perks of Salesforce automation. People tend to feel relieved after a software release, making it difficult to think about starting up the next round. This is the perfect time for them to start seeing how people are reacting to the release and to start looking into defects being reported. By going into the support tickets being logged, developers can start planning for defect fixes in the next release or a patch for more serious problems.

Versatile Management

One of the best reasons to use this fantastic tool is the number of ways it can help you to better manage leads, accounts, territory, contracts, and inventory. It’s kind of like a catch-all. As long as you already have these different elements set up, you can streamline them by using Salesforce automation. Leads will more easily flow into client accounts, instead of having two databases or systems where you track them. Salespeople are less likely to trip over each other through well-defined and annotated territories, and you can target the areas where you seem to do well.

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When put to good use, you can feel relaxed and confident that you are in control of your process instead of constantly playing catchup.

Sales Forecasting

This is both very useful and telling for how well your company is likely to do in the future based on historical trends. Obviously, this isn’t as useful when you are first getting started and the number of data points are relatively few. However, as time passes you will have a way of knowing when a client is more likely to make a purchase, what the trends are in different sales territories, and correlate customers with similar buying trends.

Proper Use

Using Salesforce automation as a tool for improving sales will have much better results than if you treat it as a cure all for poor sales. Remember, it is a tool. It cannot fix other problems – it simply helps to streamline the process. It can help you maximize sales, but it cannot make up for the things that are slow or lacking.


Salesforce automation is far more than a tool that you can periodically use to boost sales; it’s a tool that you can use daily to more effectively manage nearly every area of your leads and customers. Spending a little time with the program can help you see some of the potential, but tutorials and training can help you get the most out of it. Contact us to get more information and start taking your first steps to creating a more efficient and effective approach to sales and marketing.

Salesforce automation

Salesforce automation helps make your marketing and sales processes transparent and easy to review.


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