Probably one of the best features of salesforce consulting services is the amount of reports you can generate from the system. Since salesforce for consultants is a user-friendly program, you will definitely learn a lot from the system even at a glance. There are various ways to make scheduling reports via salesforce for consultants easier:

  • Automation for regular reports
  • Ensuring effective display of data
  • Making sure that the right users are included in the email distribution list

Salesforce for consultants will only function well if you know how to set-up report schedules accurately. Learn how to determine running users, email distribution list, and report schedules to know more about the system.

Tip # 1: Grant permissions

Upon accessing the salesforce for consultants system, make sure that the permissions you set-up to create future scheduled runs are correct.

Tip # 2: Automate reports

One of the best way to make reports consistent is to automate the production and runs of the reports. You can try to set-up the automation daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your preference. Adjust the report frequency to find the best schedule for you.

Tip # 3: Determine running user

The running user is the person who controls the data displayed to other salesforce CRM database users. Anything the running user has access to see will be reported to all individual included in the distribution emails. Make sure to select someone who has the best sample of the needed data – having access to just the right data amount instead of having one with access to sensitive information.

Tip # 4: Report timing

You need to strategize the right time to run your report. It is better to schedule automated report runs around 6pm-3am, when there are fewer users online.

Tip # 5: Have a report email

Enable all of the setting to send salesforce CRM database results to specific users, groups, and portal users. The report folder must be accessible to users in order for them to receive the automated reports.

Streamlining report schedules with salesforce consulting services

Make the most out of Salesforce by automating the report system of your business. To know more about the benefits and guidelines in scheduling reports, feel free to contact us.

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