Trailhead tutorial is probably the one salesforce CRM demo provider that you should definitely get your hands on. Unlike other tutorials, it works with both developers and admins. Of course, since it is an official salesforce tutorial, it will surely cover all necessary grounds about salesforce. Whether you’re a salesforce expert or a novice user, the Trailhead tutorial is the best salesforce CRM demo provider for you! Here are four different sets of tutorial tracks under Trailhead:

  • Admin trail for beginners
  • Developer trail for beginner developer users
  • Admin trail for intermediate users
  • Developer trail for intermediate developer users

Start from the basic tutorial and work your way up the ladder.

Admin trail for beginners

To fully maximize the potential of salesforce consulting services, you must start from the beginning. As a novice user, you may be overwhelmed with the wide range of uses that this software provides. It is important to start your module with this rail in order to learn about the major functions of the system.

Developer trail for beginner developer users

Like the admin trail for beginners, even developers need to know how to use salesforce from their perspective as developers. In this trail, you will learn a lot of things, from data modeling and management to basic functions of salesforce for consultants.

Admin trail for intermediate users

This is a more advanced track for people who want to get more out of salesforce. With this intermediate admin trail, you can learn how to protect your data, change management systems, and even process automations. This makes salesforce incredibly useful and efficient— the perfect business system for you.

Developer trail for intermediate developer users

There is always room to grow with salesforce for consultants. With the intermediate modules for developers, people will learn more about visualforce mobile, lightning connect, lightning components and application lifecycle management. At the moment, three more modules are being completed within the intermediate developer trail.

Admin trail for beginners

You can try to explore salesforce for consultants on your own, but you will definitely benefit from going over a salesforce CRM demo provider like Trailhead. To get the most out of the program, it is better to acquaint yourself with the full potential of the system.

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