To effectively market your business, you need to know how the sales figures and trends are like. There are a lot of things that you must consider to fully know how to improve your sales and marketing through salesforce consulting services. Here are 5 metrics you can use to increase your conversion rate with the help of salesforce for consultants:

  • Initial contact to potential clients

You cannot fully predict potential clients’ behaviors, but you can take a lot from the way the initial contact was made. If the potential client actually contacts you, converting those leads into sales will most definitely be easier than most. The way the initial contact was made can help you predict how long it takes to make a deal. Monitor this monthly to have an accurate lead generation tactic

  • Monitor the number of conversions

There are many ways to approach a client, with some being more effective than others. Keep track of your conversion rate per approach to know when and how clients are usually reeled into the next stage. Know the stage where most clients lose interest and determine where they start to grab the opportunity.

  • Compare your revenue with your sales costs

Another way to track the best sales strategy for you is to look at the amount of time your sales team tries to make sale and compare it to the revenue generated per sale. Of course, this is dependent upon the type of campaign you employ. If the campaign costs more than the revenue you gained, then it is definitely the right time to change your plan.

  • Amount of sale

Apart from keeping track of the number of successful sales you have, you also have to take the value of the sale into consideration. With the help of salesforce for consultants, you will be able to see how different strategies bring in particular amount of sales. To monitor the velocity of sales and number of successful sales, it is preferable to constantly keep track of this metric.

  • Duration of sale cycles

With the help of salesforce consulting services, it would be wise to keep track of the average duration of sales cycles you have. You must look at the sale cycles individually and see if the average time it takes to make a sale is consistent. Take note that this doesn’t factor in the basket size of the sale— only the amount of time it actually takes to make a sale.

Know how to accurately monitor your sales

Knowing how to monitor your sales with salesforce for consultants is going to help your business tremendously. Focus on the most telling metrics and see what strategies you must employ from there. Our salesforce consulting service will definitely help you understand the intricacies of a sale, and how to properly strategize to make the best out of the data that you have. Contact us to know more about reading metrics in salesforce for consultants!

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