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Building relationships with partners can be a long and hard process; however, collaborating with other members of the community has its benefits. This was realized by our partners in the long run. Although at first, some of them were hesitant in sharing their knowledge and insights to their competitors, they eventually realized that learning from each other through collaboration has far more lasting benefits.
Some of the main topics in conversations are the programs and processes of Salesforce. When the internal Salesforce team handles these concerns, they are able to come up with solutions that eventually lead to improvement. Consequently, the collaboration and communication with partners makes addressing and discussing questions and issues a possibility.

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1.Onboarding is critical.
Building partner relationships require onboarding as its first touchpoint. We take these crucial steps:
Engage: There are steps that partners must take to find resources and learn certain processes. This happens when partners engage with each other. Channels of communications must be open to foster discussions and exchanges between members of the community.
Educate:Learning through is easier through our online training portal. Not only do you get to know Salesforce firsthand, you also get to this with ease and convenience.
Engagement: Through the community, we can collaborate with partners. At the same time, partners can also collaborate with each other. This multi-pronged relationship opens up doors to better learning by engaging different community members and enabling them to learn from each other.
We use different tools and means to make sure that Partner community provides the utmost experience to everyone. Videos, playbooks, webinars are some of the ways we make onboarding smooth, thorough and consistent for everyone.
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Along with these, we make sure that our partners find us easier by segregating our content into categories into program, role, industry and product.
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