Companies that ignore the user’s experience are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage in today’s market. If there is a new app or software package available, customers want to be able to figure out the basics themselves. Unfortunately for many users, companies tend to prioritize user experience well below things like timelines and cost. If you keep the user experience at the top of your priority list, you will give yourself a huge advantage over your competitors because customers will notice and remember how easy something is to use.

Customer experience

Customers are what keep your business going, so your services and products need to put them first.

What Is the Customer Experience?

Customer experience simply refers to what the customer sees and does to interact with a product, including billing, payments, and communication. While this seems like common sense, it actually is really difficult to pay attention to this when you are designing and building your product. The ideas and projects change so quickly it is difficult to keep up with the end result. You may also lose focus on customer experience as time passes. This is one reason it is important to make the user’s perspective a part of your regular maintenance and review process.

Taking an objective looks at your own projects and products is difficult because you have been so close to them for so long. Ultimately, the best approach is to design and implement a few processes to help you keep seeing your products and services from a customer’s perspective.

The Customer Experience Process

There are four processes you should keep in mind when you are dealing with the customer experience:

1. Establish a process that covers what the user sees and does from start to finish. This means that you need to know what your customers experience from the first time they are directed to your website or the first time they contact you for more information to when they either receive their products or cancel their services.

2. Ensure that marketing and sales are both realistic and honest about what the customer will get. If a customer is told one thing over the phone and is told something else once the contract is signed and locked in, that customer will be justifiably unhappy.

3. Listen to what customers say they want. Whether a customer is criticizing something or stating that it would be nice to have a feature, that customer is suggesting something that improves the user experience. Customer feedback is gives you a very good idea of how your users view a product or service you offer. Find a way to collect all of the feedback and use it to determine the most requested features and additions for the next development cycle.

4. Develop customer service that aims to help people from several different angles. Self-service is sufficient in many cases. Other times, your customers want to talk to a person without having to go through an annoying phone system. Most people like to be able to open a live chat session with customer service so they can multi-task.

Customer experience

The power of positive reviews is priceless, and the best way to get those reviews is by giving your customers an exceptional experience.

Salesforce and the Customer Experience

One of the reasons why Salesforce has grown from a small startup into one of the dominant companies in its field is because Salesforce has always paid attention to customer experience. Their focus is on ensuring that it is not only easy for developers and companies to implement their products, but that the solutions are incredibly intuitive for customers. From the Cloud to self-service, Salesforce ensures that your clients get a clean and easy experience, that answers are easy to find, and that contacting customer service can be done through one of several channels.


As a long-time partner of Salesforce, Out of the Box has also made the customer’s experience a top priority from the beginning. Our processes and solutions are built with the client in mind, so that you can focus on getting it right before going live. Visit our site if you are interested in learning more.

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